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DUCK FACE is the cocktail bar services' brand from the Monkey Business Group.

DUCK FACE operates according to highest international standards and brings innovation and ingenuity to the alcohol scene, hospitality and events in Israel.

The founder of the MONKEY BUSINESS group is Ariel Leizgold, the most decorated mixologist in Israel, whom is the founder of number of successful businesses and cocktail bars, including BELLBOY and 223.
All the Group's businesses are well known for their uncompromising standards of hospitality and level of boldness that they introduce to the market.

There is a critical emphasis on every little detail - from the bar design, outfits, flow of the service to the precision in choosing the right glasses and the way it is being served. Each detail is meticulous and uncompromising - to create an unforgettable experience.

The DUCK FACE cocktails uses unusual ingredients and a wonderful variety of hand-made infusions and natural flavors - each cocktail is a whole world and tells a unique story, with an extraordinary appearance and at every event, the bar becomes the center of the evening and connects the guests to the event from its begining
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