Map House on the sea

Questions and Answers

  • Where is BAIT AL HAYAM located?

    BAIT AL HAYAM is located on the connection point between the cities Tel Aviv and Jaffa. On one side it overlooks the old city of Jaffa, and on the other side on the Tel Aviv skyline, and in between, the vast expenses of the Mediterranean Sea. To reach the place please look at our directions map, and for general information, we are located on the connection point between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, 200 meters from the Clock tower circle, on the boardwalk.
    We are delighted to host you.
  • How many guests can the place entertain?

    BAIT AL HAYAM can host a maximum of 425 guests, seated at our main hall.

    Cocktail events in BAIT AL HAYAM can host up to 500 guests.
  • What is included in the price per plate tag?

    The price per plate tag includes – the cost of renting the place for your event, premium catering, a decoration package, imported alcohol liquor bar, and VAT.
  • What is the level of Kosher the place keeps?

    We keep Kosher in accordance with the local rabbinate.
  • How is the food served by the catering?

    In BAIT AL HAYAM we provide the excellent catering services , which offer a sit down service menu, restaurant concept and a buffet menu.
    for event hosting over 350 guests, BAIT AL HAYAM only offers a sit down service menu שמג restaurant concept.
  • Can the place provide Glatt Kosher cuisine?

    If the demand is Glatt kosher, we can provide Glatt Kosher from Rabbi Makhfud and Rabbi Landau.
  • Does the event take place in a few spaces or is it just one large space?

    The reception and the marriage ceremony (Chuppah) take place on the roof, and then the event continues with a luncheon / dinner and a dance party in the air – conditioned hall overlooking the sea.
  • In an event, how do the guests move from the hall to the roof?

    Inside the space there is a grand staircase designed as part of the internal style of the place. In addition, for the benefit of the guests, your guests can ride to the roof and vice versa in a spacious elevator.
  • Can we hold a marriage ceremony (Chuppah) on the roof during the winter months?

    Yes, in the winter the roof is walled in and covered with clear glass, this keeps the outdoors look and feel of it.
  • Is there access and restrooms and other facilities to accommodate disables people?

    The place was planned and designed consulting two accessibility specialists. There are two disabled people’s bathrooms facilities in the hall level as well as one the roof, there is a disabled people passage way and a spacious elevator, and, in addition, a disabled parking space close to the building.
  • What are the parking arrangements of the place?

    There are a few gravel public parking places close by. In addition, there is a paid parking facility in the Jaffa old city and another one in the quarter. If you wish to arrange a free parking for the guests of your event, we have an additional payment arrangement with the HaEtzel parking facility, where an usher from BAIT AL HAYAM welcomes your guests at the entrance of the parking facility and luxury shuttle rides provide transport services, back and forth to the event at BAIT AL HAYAM throughout the duration of the event.