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" The roof is the joker of the house by the sea , I can't imagine a cuple that comes to see the place, standing on that roof with the endless sea on the one hand , the urban landscape of Tel Aviv on the other hand , romance and nostalgia of Old Jaffa from third parties and falls charms of the place . the rest is a bonus, and it has a lot of "

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Winter wedding Friday afternoon . I simply have no words to describe the amazing experience we had . This is the second time that I was getting married and was just perfect . Everything was ticking and amazingly stream . No detail they have not thought about it. The visitors did not stop to call and compliment the beauty and location of the hall , there is the most beautiful view on the sea , on one side overlooking Jaffa and Tel Aviv on the other side . Overpowering . The catering was instructive . Guests have argued that most delicious food ever eaten at a wedding .

Wonderful sea air , warm winter menu , excellent winter alcohol and a great combination between interior and exterior creating an excellent concept of a winter wedding with a twist .

Winter Weddings
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So many things have been written about Tel Aviv, that it's a vibrant city that never sleeps, that it's got the best restaurants in the world and of course it's got the best beaches. Jaffa is an inseparable part of the Tel Aviv scene and it's a magical place on it's own - the cultural mix, the old city and the sea view. Bait Al Hayam is a modern two-story venue with stunning views over the Mediterranean sea from it’s rooftop terrace where you can have your Chuppa ceremony. The venue is active in the winter as well as the roof is walled with clear glass which maintains the outdoorsy feeling

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Dreamy location on the waterfront between Jaffa and Tel Aviv , a charming and contemporary design , in the face of the great sea that stretched the huge windows and balcony Compare - Everything is just the way we like !

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